Skirting the Issue

I recently wrote about the major closet/drawer/shelf purges I’m going through in my home. Everything except my husband and the cats is up for reconsideration. My anti-clutter-freakness is now turned up to 11. 

But I think I need to rethink my rethinking when it comes to my wardrobe and that leads me to a question: how short is too short for a skirt on a woman of a certain age?

pair of tanned legs with a short black skirt
Photo by Hot Fash via Flickr

My legs are my best physical feature and for that reason, I favour a shorter skirt over a longer one. Also, I’m not very tall. No one would ever call me coltish or lithe. Longer skirts shrink me even further. I don’t wear them too short, mind you. I’ve never been one to reveal whether the carpet matches the drapes. But how short is too short? In the winter, over tights and with boots, a skirt that hits mid-thigh looks just fine. However, in the summer maybe it’s best if it’s to the knee. I know what the fashion advisors say, but I want to poll the people.

Years and years ago I worked with a very aggressive saleswoman in her sixties who didn’t seem to have a sense of her age. She was shaped like an orange (not shaming, just explaining) and wore micro-mini skirts with tight tops. The guys would cringe when she came near because she simply looked inappropriate. That example may be an extreme, but I don’t want to be cringe-worthy.

I started wearing a longer length shorts a long time ago because if I don’t, it starts to look like I’m trying to be super young again, which I’m truly not. I’ve never been a part of society that believes youth is all that. Even when I was in my twenties I was perfectly fine with admitting my peers and I weren’t worth the attention we were getting. So where should a hemline lie? Mid-thigh? Knee? Lower ankle? Let me know what you think in the comments. Thanks.



11 thoughts on “Skirting the Issue”

  1. A friend once stated, that if your age exceeds your bust size, you have no business wearing a mini skirt. I would think that knee length in colder months would be appropriate and warmer and then mid-thigh in warmer months for its cooler. But what the hell do I know, I’m a guy and only see the legs!

  2. I don’t wear skirts or keep up with latest fashions (working from home does that to you) but I think if you have a great set of legs (congrats) show them off. Mid thigh sounds reasonable to me. A lot depends on the style of skirt, not just the length of it along with what you pair with it.

    1. Good points, Jean. I gave up higher high-heels quite some time ago. Well, except for one amazing pair I only wear on special occasions. Damn you John Fluevog! But I digress. You’re right. A shorter skirt doesn’t look out of place with a tunic sometimes, like it would with a tight, short top. Ugh. Just the thought is giving me the sweats….

      1. LOVE Fluefogs! I don’t own a pair yet but fell in love with them when we came across their store in SoHo. Dare to dream.

        1. Have you ever shopped the Fluemarket on the Fluevog website? That was my entry into Fluevogs and then, later, I bought my beloved pair on a great sale through the regular site. Fluevogs definitely retain some value, even after they’ve been worn. Excuse me, I think I need to visit the Fluemarket again….

  3. I stopped wearing skirts when I noticed that my knees needed ironing. Now I favour pantsuits with a slim leg and a bit of a heel.

    1. I love to throw on a dress when I’m getting ready for work at 315 am, especially in the summer. It’s just so simple. Good call not to iron your knees! (You made me laugh out loud.)

  4. As you also said, my legs are also my best physical feature (in my mind anyways) I am 50+ and love skirts as well as skorts. Mine are usually a couple of inches above the knee. Much shorter than that and I know some would think “who does she think she is anyways?”..
    I don’t wear them in winter – too cold 🙂

  5. Sometimes it’ll depend on what you pair the skirt with. For me, I can get away with a slightly higher hemline if I wear black tights – not pantyhose, but tights. Keeps the need to knee-iron down, too, I find. Or, there are super slim leggings that can be worn with skirts (cause they sure as hell shouldn’t be worn as pants by most of us) in boots. You DO have great legs – I will testify!!!

    1. Okay, you have basically hit on my philosophy and how I’ve been approaching the whole skirt issue. I think I’m looking appropriate, then. Except for today’s bed head. But that’s what scrunchies are for!

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