Fire the Sky II

A few months ago, a journalist with The Toronto Star contacted me for permission to use parts of a blog post I wrote last year about the Symphony of Fire, the fireworks competition that used to be held at Ontario Place. 

Janice Bradbeer included a few of my memories in her article published Sunday. Tens of thousands of people made the competition part of their summer. It was an exciting time for me as emcee. I swallowed a few bugs out on the barge and marvelled at the spectacle along with everyone else. The end of cigarette advertising spelled the end of the competition as we knew it.  I’m tickled to have been a small part of its history. You can read the Toronto Star piece HERE.

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  1. I WILL read it! I saw it in my feed yesterday and thought, “Isn’t that funny – Lisa and I were talking about that very thing during our visit”! Well there you go. I’m sure many folks are remembering Benson & Hedges right now…goodness. “Smoke on the Water”, indeed.

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