Oh Canada (Free Flag!)

Someone knocked on the door after 8 pm one night last week. Derek and I were in bed, reading, but I scrambled up and grabbed a robe. By the time I got to the door I saw a woman I didn’t know hustling down the end of our driveway, carrying signs on metal frames.

The next morning, everyone on our street except us and our next-door neighbour was sporting a sign on their lawn that looks like a Canadian flag. It’s for Canada Day, of course. A gift from the Liberals. Yes, a gift purchased with our own money.

Flag sign on our lawn. It looks like the Canadian flag with the words Happy Canada Day in red underneath it.

I dropped into my MP’s office a few days later and picked one up. We’re typically Canadian in our Canadian pride. Fiercely patriotic but we don’t need to ram it down anyone’s throats. Still, it looks pretty cool on the street with little flags all the way up and down.

Naturally, some people are complaining that they can’t get one because their MP isn’t a Liberal. Others are mad because the government spent money on the signs at all. Some are taking the sign but taping over the tiny name and number of their MP at the bottom. It’s not about who’s on the left and who’s on the right. It’s about patriotism and Canada Day 150. It’s about a silly little sign that looks like our flag and feeling like you’re part of something. I can’t say the whole neighbourhood is on board because the guy next door isn’t playing along. Being a grumpy old man is also his right. Oh Canada.

If you’re wondering where the Really Late Review for Friday is, as I said from the outset, it was an experiment. Thanks to those who contributed but no thanks to the many who promised to submit a review and didn’t follow through! In the words of Monty Python, I blow my nose at you! 

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