Pandora Galora

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but I’m not a big jewellery nut. Oh, I can appreciate but I don’t often covet. When Derek and decided to get married I explicitly told him I didn’t want an engagement ring. There isn’t much in the way of bling that I wish I had for my own. Except for a Pandora bracelet. They’re beautiful and customizable and I’ve always wanted one. 

Imagine my surprise when I was given one last week by the mother of a work colleague. You see, we had been giving away Pandora as a prize on the morning show and I happened to mention that I’d love to get a bracelet from my husband one day, hint hint. My colleague’s Mom had one in a drawer. It was a retirement gift that she never wore and didn’t particularly care for, so she had her son bring it in for me. This is no small act of kindness. She could have put the thing on Ebay and picked up several hundred dollars. I was speechless and that’s not an easy condition to put me in.

thin silver bracelet has 7 visible, round silver charms in different shapes - like little donuts

Wearing a Pandora bracelet is the jewellery equivalent of ordering coffee at Starbucks. You have to learn the language. I actually went to YouTube to figure out how to open it so I could put it on my wrist. There are different kinds of bracelets and charms and not all of them are meant to go together. The product line has been around for decades so they’ve added and deleted certain types of charms and now they offer those that dangle. No danglers for me, please, in case anyone’s thinking about sending me a bucket of charms. Hey, this experience proves to me that anything could happen!  😉

Some say jewellery is just self-indulgent shiny stuff that has no purpose at all. Those people have never seen my smile when I wiggle my new Pandora bracelet. It’s basically an updated version of the charm bracelets many of us had when we were kids. I now have mine and my Mom’s, but the dangling charms are no longer practical to wear.

my fingers holding a thickly woven silver bracelet with dangling charms of the Eiffel Tower and other symbols

So, thank you Debbie for the generous gift. I’ll wear it with pride and add to it down the road. Hey – have I ever told you how much I’ve always wanted a villa in the south of France? It’s true. And I plan to talk about it on the radio soon!

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  1. I said that I would never get one and now I have 3. My favourite is the one that I have collected all heart charms on. I have one for my Mum and one for my dog amongst them. I try to pick ones that have some significance in my life otherwise it could get out of hand.

    1. Nice! I’m scheming about which charms I want to add. There’s a R on this one and that doesn’t really mean anything to me. So I have an R up for grabs….

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