It Walks Like A Duck

Sometimes it’s a struggle to remember the positive when you’re in the news business. News is, by definition, made up of anomalies and bad things. The sun came up, people helped each other and took care of their families, children got enough to eat – those are the things that are supposed to happen. News is about when things go awry. 

Writing a daily blog is partly about self-editing and suppression. Whatever you believe about Donald Trump, he is paving a new road when it comes to the behavior of a world leader and I could write a page or two about him every day. I’d like to get more excited about Canada’s 150th birthday but I can’t help but empathize with my aboriginal friends who say, rightly, that it’s just 150 years of colonialism, because native people called this land home long before 1867. I’d love to call out every person who asks for “prayers” when something terrible happens because as much as you might believe in the power of prayer, you have to admit it’s not as sure a thing as actually getting up and helping someone. 

These are just a few of the things that go through my head.

You can get criticism of the orange-skinned Twitter-addict anywhere. I don’t believe I need to join the chorus today. But what I can do is share with you a meme that’s going around social media, that made me laugh out loud. If your childhood cartoons included Bugs Bunny, Donald Duck and the rest, maybe you’ll like it too.  Isn’t laughter better any day, anyway? (Note – a link to the original post and the explanation about the artist who created it is HERE. I don’t steal images!)

Drawing shows Donald Duck right-side up and then when the cartoon face is turned upside down, it's Donald Trump! The beak becomes his ridiculous hair.


2 thoughts on “It Walks Like A Duck”

  1. It’s so frustrating – I’m grateful to not be doing a morning show any more because a full quarter of content would be on what that man (I deleted several other words that better describe him) is doing to his country – and our planet – every single day. He’s out of control and there’s not enough backbone to put country before party. SO sad. I don’t envy you walking the line but do admire you for doing so. Let’s hope this is all put to an end – and soon.

    1. Even on a news/talk station, we have to restrain ourselves and make value judgments on what’s worth the effort and what isn’t because there’s such a huge volume of stuff! It’s really out of control. But we still cover a ton of it. I just don’t want to do it here unless it’s really necessary. Or he can be compared to a cartoon duck. 🙂

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