A Key-ah for my Kia

If you had asked me at 8 am Sunday whether I could lock myself out of my Kia without using my fob, I would have said no. By 8:20 I knew that it was possible.

It appears that I lost a silver earring on the weekend. I usually buy inexpensive earrings because I so often misplace them, but I purchased these silver microphones some time ago because they were so fun they seemed worth the risk. Proving that I just can’t have nice things, on Saturday morning I left wearing two and returned Saturday afternoon with only one.

On Sunday morning, I loaded my grocery purchases into the hatch of my Soul and got in. When I closed the driver door, I heard the unmistakable sound of the electric locking system. I had hit it accidentally. I didn’t think anything of it. Suddenly, I decided to have a look around the vehicle for my lost earring. Why at that moment? I wish I knew. I got out and closed the door. The back door refused to open. Like we do in times like this, I tried every door including the hatch. Shut tight. Nuts!

So, that’s how you lock the soul without the fob or a key. Huh. Well, now I know.

Debbie, the nice woman behind the Walmart Customer Service counter, was happy to help me but, frankly, inept at doing Internet searches which was a little bit frustrating because I’m an ace at them. I decided not to call CAA because I knew my sister-in-law Kelly was about to leave for church and she has a key to our house. She also lives down the street from us and her church isn’t far from where I was stranded. However, I didn’t know her phone number! It’s programmed into my phone which was locked in my car with my purse and keys.

Debbie came through for me, finally, but there was something wrong with her phone. Kelly answered but she couldn’t understand me. Nuts! Debbie called back on a Walmart phone and Kelly launched Mission Unlock Lisa’s Soul. By 9 am I was on the road again.

Dozens of people walked past me as I waited beside the Kia and I didn’t make eye contact with them. My predicament was obvious and there was no reason to ask if I needed help. We all know how to get help! A woman in a vehicle a lot like Kelly’s pulled into the parking lot. Her window was down and she was saying “Wheeeeeeee!” as she drove. Assuming it was Kelly, I went into Goofy Lisa Mode and jumped up and down, waving my arms as if I was stranded on a desert island and had spotted a plane. It wasn’t Kelly. Come to think of it, maybe there’s another reason no one stopped to talk to me.

As a Facebook friend suggested, it will now always be my practice to hold my keys in my hand whenever I exit the vehicle, no matter the reason. It turned out to be a minor blip on a Sunday morning, except for the lesson learned.

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