Text-ament to the Innermost Thoughts of Some Listeners

And now, more excerpts from the listener text file. 

TEXT: I demand an apology from you for you for saying that white actor was tall, dark and handsome. A white man can’t be dark.

ME: Are you serious? I would apologize if I felt I needed to but I said nothing wrong.

TEXT: You’re white, so you don’t understand how it feels for someone of colour. I’m going to file a formal complaint.

ME: Here are my supervisors’ email addresses. “Just because you’re offended, doesn’t make you right.” Ricky Gervais.

TEXT: Nice response from another racist white woman. By the way, you’re not funny and you suck at your job.


TEXT: It only took you about 15 minutes to bash Donald Trump, you libtards. That’s a new record!

ME: May I ask you, genuinely, why you support him? We’d love to get your perspective.

TEXT: Because he’s doing everything he said he would do.

ME: How do you figure? Health care reform passed, the wall is going up and his travel bans are in place???

TEXT: You libtards are all the same! It hasn’t even been a year!

ME: Hey, you’re the one who said he’s getting stuff done and clearly he isn’t.

TEXT: Fucking liberals.


TEXT: You morons have no idea what you’re talking about! That’s not what he said!

ME: What are you referring to?

TEXT: Sorry. Wrong station.


TEXT: Why is Lisa always an apologist for the government?

ME: In what way?

TEXT: She’s always supporting the $15 minimum wage. I’m a financial planner and my perspective comes from that background. It’s going to be a disaster for this province.

ME: Is it possible that she researched it and came to a different conclusion? What else is she apologizing for the government for?

TEXT: It’s the hike in minimum wage. She’s always saying it’s going to be good for workers. Well, there won’t be any workers if they all get fired because people can’t afford to pay the minimum.

ME: Well, thank you for your perspective. Lisa will be Lisa, like her or not.

TEXT: It’s not a matter of like. It’s a matter of her not doing her homework.

ME: Because her opinion is different than yours?


3 thoughts on “Text-ament to the Innermost Thoughts of Some Listeners”

  1. I wish I could come up with such informative and enlightening text. Hmmm, let me see? As a planner, it’s not the minimum wage of $15 which is the problem since we’ll get most of that back in taxes, it’s the speed at which the minimum wage is scheduled to increase and the ability to absorb the increase.

  2. Love this. Thanks for sharing your exchanges with these “listeners” – it’s always a case of “not what you said but what I heard…” and I love the Ricky Gervais quote. 🙂

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