Moving Pieces

Lisa’s Pieces pieces have been on the move. Here’s an update on where to find us when you’re in London. As always, Facebook is the best place for up-to-date news and photos of our latest creations. I’m currently working on saving an old, wooden rocking chair that was left in a junk pile and no longer has a seat. I can imagine its transformation and can’t wait to get to it.

We’ve sold a lot of the inventory we had at Duck & Dodo, and we’ve decided to end our agreement with that market. They’re great people and we will always be customers but it wasn’t the right venue for us. That’s okay! That’s why we tried it out.

A finished table with one of Derek's steampunk lamps on it. The lamp features copper and brass and the lampshades are old, glass insulators

We have some lamps, tables and trays in Timeless & Unique, part of the new Stan Portley location on Ernest Ave. They have a beautiful collection of vintage and artisan creations. They expanded their paint lines and have even more room for classes and custom paint work. If you haven’t seen them since they moved, please check them out. Owners John and Bobbie, and Timeless and Unique owner Cy, are experts in their fields and just nice, friendly people.

old, wooden sewing machine bobbin about 8 inches tall is now a lamp with a brass shade

We also have a live edge table plus lamps and a other items at New Vintage Finishes in Lambeth, formerly New Vintage Chic. Their grand opening was a week ago during Lambeth Harvest Festival. They’re in a new space, still on Main St., but bigger, brighter and with more stuff. Have you ever heard of Unicorn Spit? It’s a vivid paint product that’s got a growing fan base and New Vintage has it and will teach you how to use it. Owner Kathye (pronounced Kathy) is immersed in DIY and has excellent taste.

Derek continues to take custom orders and has two lamps in the hopper for different clients. He moves a little more slowly now because of his (temporary) health situation but he’s still in the workshop whenever possible. I would like more time to devote to my part of it. Or perhaps I mean more energy? Regardless, it’s a fun thing we do together and we appreciate when it’s appreciated.

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