Text-ament II

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Oh, the texts we receive. From picking apart the tiniest of phrases and attempting to twist them, to just foolish and naive thoughts and ideas, we get ’em all. And just like our Mean Texts video series, I can’t possibly show you the worst of the worst because they’re either full of spewing vitriol, vulgar language or racist and sexist slurs. Here’s a recent sample. Spelling and grammar errors and any crimes against punctuation have not been altered. 

“Can you for once not use the bias CNN sound bites? They are pathetic. As an organisation and you sharing them all the time.”

It’s only identified as biased because it doesn’t fit your bias. Just like FOX News doesn’t fit mine.

“Why don’t the teacher’s strike on the weekends? Continue the school year, but show their disapproval on weekends…and make their point, with the students, and the public, on board with them.”

If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

“I’ve heard that McDonald’s now uses the coffee that Tim Hortons used to use before their last change.”

When I was a kid I heard that McDonald’s was using worms in its beef patties. They got around it because they were Beef Worms, therefore they could say they used 100% beef. Rumours are ridiculous sometimes.

“It doesn’t surprise me that you’re apologists for terrorist-loving Trudeau. You two make me sick!”

The story being referenced is that the Trudeau government paid $31m to three Canadian men who were never charged with a crime, but were held in Syria and tortured after false information on them (suspected terrorists and jihadists) was given by the Canadian government. In 2008, a Canadian Supreme Court Judge determined the government was liable for the horrific abuses they endured, and the Harper Conservatives shrugged their shoulders, passing the burden on to the Liberals who are now taking all of the crap for writing the cheque. Some people don’t want to know the whole story. They just want to see the amount, and Syria/Trudeau, and freak out.

“There is no new water. We are drinking the water the dinosaurs peed in. The best way to clean the water is to filter it through the ground.”

Mmmmm. Dinosaur pee!

“I want to win it all!”

Wrong contest, wrong radio station. Sigh.


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  1. So…rain? That’s not new water? I don’t know how you do it some days, Lisa Brandt. I just don’t. Enjoy your weekend. YOU EARN IT every hour of every show. Thanks for sharing the ridiculousness.

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