Time: My Enemy, My Friend

artsy shot of half a wall clock

The clocks fell back this weekend and we ostensibly acquired another hour of time. The cliche is that we gain “another hour of sleep” but a Michigan State University study reveals that we only gain twelve minutes of sleep. And when we spring forward we lose about forty minutes. The math just doesn’t work once there’s human intervention.

Time comes up a lot in this space. It seems I’m always in pursuit of a way to slow it down. I’ve read books, watched expert videos, meditated, put my phone/clock in a drawer for a while – it’s not really helping. And then there’s the rest of the world that rushes everything by putting out Halloween candy in August and Christmas decorations in September.

Time and its fast passage is a theme that runs through many people’s lives. And I’m making a habit of pointing out when people rush life for no good reason. Back when I was on MIX 999 in Toronto, we were told to not give the Monday forecast on Saturday because people were in full weekend mode and didn’t want to think about next week yet. The idea was to let them enjoy the weekend without the pressures next week will bring.

Example: A newscaster on London radio (not my station) Sunday at noon on Thanksgiving long weekend saying, ‘The long weekend is winding down’. Say, what? Most of Sunday and all of Monday were still to come. I gave him a mental bitch slap.

A Twitter pal published a tweet at 6:30 on a recent Sunday morning that read in part, “the weekend is coming to a close”. What the *#$(? So I sent him a note and said, hey, 6:30 on a Sunday leaves a lot of weekend still to enjoy.

Life already goes by in a blur. I’ll never stop looking for ways to stay in the moment and keep the finger of time from pushing the fast-forward button on the tape machine of my life!



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