My Christmas Wish

Santa Claus in a relaxing moment

…is for writers to stop putting an e on the end of Claus as in Santa.  Blame this movie.

Cover photo of Tim Allen and the lad who played his son in The Santa ClauseHere is my theory.

This movie was a hit back in 1994. That’s the year Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ron Goldman were murdered. Nancy Kerrigan was clubbed in the leg. Friends hit the TV airwaves.

Little kids who loved that movie are in their twenties and thirties now. They’re writing and tweeting and otherwise occupying the working world. Somehow, their little-kid brains didn’t understand that an e was put on the end of Santa’s name, because of the plot of the film. You see, Santa falls off a roof, bites it and Tim Allen is the first to find him. He was forced to respond to “the Santa clause” in the Santa contract. Children didn’t grasp that subtlety. They made it through school and into the workforce without ever encountering a challenge to this misconception. Now, here they are, driving the rest of us nuts. My theory doesn’t excuse the mistake. So, cut it out! It’s Claus, not Clause. This is how it was written in a news outlet’s newsletter on the weekend:

“For the third time this season, Santa Clause is coming to London. The Argyle BIA Santa Clause Parade goes at 11 a.m. today.”

And then I noticed that someone at my own radio station did it too! That’s where my theory came from. I know, I know, my life is pretty great if this is the biggest problem I have. That’s true, except for one, darn, unnecessary e.

3 thoughts on “My Christmas Wish”

  1. I can’t help but wonder if autocorrect is a little bit to blame here – did it try to correct you as you wrote, by chance? (The nerve of it, I say!) But I’m with you. It’s just…argh. Lucky there wasn’t a movie or TV show about a meteorologist named Rudolph the RAINdeer. Or that’d be pretty much it!

    1. My autocorrect and spellcheck seem to know that after Santa comes Claus. Really, I’m just looking for a kind way out for them! It’s the only theory I could concoct. 😉

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