A Veteran Writer

I haven’t met him in person yet but Eddie Rhodes is a new pal of Derek’s. Eddie is a 90-year-old veteran of WWII who lives close to London. He has written the first of what he hopes will be several books about his life. How they met is a long story. But Derek and Eddie have become fast friends, and Derek accompanied him to a book-signing last weekend. However, Eddie doesn’t need a lot of help. He lugs cases of his books, drives his own car, lives independently and has a quick wit and excellent memory.

Derek posing with author Eddie Rhodes behind a table featuring a display of his books

What he needs help with is navigating the Internet and the self-publishing world. We can do that. We are a team, after all.

Eddie’s first book is titled Tears Before Bedtime. As a teenager, he lied about his age to join the navy and later spent two years in a POW camp. Derek says he has a colourful history and a way with words. Finishing the book fulfills a promise he made to his dying wife. Tongue firmly in cheek, he told a reviewer that, “Perhaps the literary world is ready for a fresh young voice.”

People rightly worry whether the voices of our veterans will still be heard as their numbers diminish. Derek’s going to help make sure that doesn’t happen in this case. If you’d like to know more, visit Eddie’s website HERE.




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