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Back in September, I posted a blog about what potential radio guests should know before they pitch an idea. (Want to Attract the Media? Follow These Tips!) It was shared several times on social media and some people messaged me privately to say that these things never occurred to them. I know! That’s why I wrote it.  🙂 

Derek suggested that I expand it into a book and now that’s what I’m doing. My sister-in-law used to produce a TV morning show and she has some of her own suggestions to contribute. I have a print-journalist friend who will also add some tips. It sounds very nice and serene but believe me, when the topic arises among media types, there’s a lot of flailing hands and raised voices! Things that seem to obvious to us aren’t so to the average person. Even professionals in Public Relations miss big clues.

My fellow broadcasting and media peeps – do you have anything to add? I’ll use your name and give you credit, assuming that it’s something I haven’t already thought of. I plan to sell this little tome as an ebook at a super-low price. Please email me or leave a comment. I’ll look forward to your input.

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Oh, they’re on their way! Thanks for the outlet – and may your book fall into all of the right hands!


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