Month: January 2018

Let’s Talk

Today is Bell Let’s Talk Day, an initiative that makes me proud to work for Bell/CTV. It’s about openness, discussion, the truth and helping people overcome stigmas and mental illnesses. 

Caught Between Two Schools

Someone in authority recently called me “old school” as high praise because in the old school we put in extra effort and we put on our game faces when we needed to. We followed policy and didn’t make a scene – often to our detriment. Old school wasn’t necessarily the better school, to be sure.

bunch of dressed up kids dancing at their prom

Grand Idea

UPDATE: At its meeting Tuesday night, the TVDSB agreed to reinstate its $15,000 funding for Prom Queen. The Board Chair and other members spoke passionately about how the original decision didn’t reflect where they are as an organization. From the Catholic Board: crickets. People around the world gathered for Women’s Marches on the weekend in …

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open mouth with tiny head-shot of actress Tori Spelling on the roof of it

Tori Tori Tori

On a recent visit to my doctor, I heard the words that could either mean an emergency or nothing to worry about: “I have no idea what that is.” Lucky for me it was the latter. 

still shot of the Amazon Echo at the Witlingo display at CES with a little sign about voice-first and a booklet about using Alexa for your business

What Happened in Vegas

The festival of nerds is over for another year. CES, formerly the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, has wrapped after blowing the minds of tech-geeks with its innovations. It’s all about smaller, better, faster, wearable tech, self-driving cars, and futuristic gadgets. And I was there, sort of.

Related Regrets

Over the holidays, the sister of a London police Constable posted photos on social media. They showed the officer – long before she was an officer – step by step as she dressed up in blackface, tribal-like beads and a colourful dress for Halloween 2006. At the time, she was a teenager who thought she …

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More than a foot of snow on the deck rails and top of the covered barbecue. In the background is our cedar hedge, also buried in snow

#$*&^! Winter

Yes, I choose to live in Canada. Canada has winters. Those winters can sometimes be harsh and this has been a particularly rough one. I’ve done the research and Ecuador has my ideal climate. It also has spiders the size of dinner plates and scorpions as big as water bottles so I’ll stay here and …

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