Resolute About 2018 Goals

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Resolutions are like a crabby nanny harping on you to stay the course. A goal is something to strive for. They may be similar but a goal seems more positive in nature. 

my sock feet at the edge of a scale that reads 000

My first goal of 2018 concerns my weight. There, I’ve said it out loud. Holy cannoli I must have eaten a lot of cannoli in 2017. I have more big tops than the circus. More stretchy pants than a Mom-to-be. More chins than… you get the idea. Time to reign that puppy in and I’m declaring it publicly to put a little pressure on myself. Derek and I have both set weight goals to attain because, as he put it, “You don’t see many fat people in nursing homes”. I’ve fired up the My Fitness Pal app once again and made a promise to myself that I won’t let me down.

Next, comes writing. My guide to getting a guest spot on the radio will get published this year, perhaps in soft-cover as well as in eBook form. (I have a tentative title but Erin Davis will likely come up with a better one in her sleep!) I’ll continue to work on my novel which I set aside for a few months and came back to with fresh energy.

Derek will laugh at this one: spend less time on my phone. However, I would ask him to remember how many times I’ve been without it in recent weeks. That was a beta test. Now I’m ready to stop taking it everywhere I go, a little at a time.

I want to learn sign language. Not just for selfish reasons.  😉

The rest of my goals involve continuing to say yes to new and fun experiences. The first will be a yoga class. Our friend Tiffany bought a yoga studio and I’ve accepted her invitation to try a non-hot yoga class. If I’m going to sweat that much, I want sand in my shorts.

What are your goals for 2018? We all have hopes and wishes, but goals take determination and effort. Please remind me of that when I’m craving chocolate and looking for ways to distract myself.


2 thoughts on “Resolute About 2018 Goals”

  1. You flatter me Ms Brandt. And congrats on going public on your goals. There’s a reason why people go to support groups: we have to answer to each other! And I love Derek’s saying. He’s so right! Good luck to you both – to us all – in 2018 as we hit the “reset” button and do another take. Glad your blogs are back!

  2. My goals, Hmmm. Lose some weight; Get a new guide dog, been without one for 18 months and miss the companionship; Resolve a nearly 3 year old human rights case; Offer added value and insights to my condo board; and be supportive to a dear friend who recently discovered she has liver cancer.

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