Throwback Thursday – Caturdays

Spice in the same spot but standing and hiding his head in the hem of my dress!

It’s risky. A woman of a certain age writing about her cats. Readers might throw around phrases like “cat lady” and “crazy cat lady”. But it’s a chance I’m prepared to take. Spice is sixteen years old and has some chronic health problems. He has few teeth and hearing impairment and he gave us a good scare on New Year’s Day when he refused to eat. But he’s a (mostly) sweet, well-behaved little lad. Spice isn’t one of those stereotypical aloof animals that doesn’t care about anyone but himself. He loves his people and his food. This old cat turns into a kitten when he encounters a beloved toy. And he has a thing for wet bathtubs and shower stalls. He will follow and fuss around when I hang my clothes on the shower curtain rod for the next morning’s early start. I snapped him last summer when he was particularly curious.

Spice sits on a bathmat laid over the edge of the tub. The hem of a dress is hanging above him.

Spice in the same spot but standing and hiding his head in the hem of my dress!

He’s not as quick as he used to be but I still pity the mouse who enters these walls and encounters our Head of Security. I take a lot of pictures of Spice when he’s napping. He folds into a variety of pretzel-like positions that crack me up. If that makes me a Crazy Cat Lady, well, slap a bumper sticker on my Kia. Oh wait, my brother already did that.

magnet shaped like a paw that says One cat away from crazy cat lady


6 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – Caturdays”

  1. Jean White

    I love following the adventures of Spice and as you know, I love my two as well. If that makes me a crazy cat lady (minus the bumper sticker), then I’m glad I’m in good company!

  2. I believe the criteria for acquiring the designation of “crazy cat lady” requires a person to own at least 3 or more cats. So, you’re just a cat lover at this point.

  3. I love how you’ve given mature cats a whole new lease on life; rescuing and adopting them when they might otherwise never know a good home again. I think you jump the line in heaven, Ms Brandt.

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