Birthing Another Book

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I’ve signed the contract with Hibbert & Stiles . The manuscript has been edited. My fifth book is in production to come out as both a book-book and an eBook. Be Our Guest (working title) will be spineless, not in tone but it physical nature. It’s a quick read meant for publicists, talent managers and anyone at all who has an interest in radio and in getting a guest spot on the air.

Be Our Guest: An Insider’s Guide to Making the Media Want You started as a blog post. Response to it convinced me that this info needs to get out there. Guests who don’t understand the nature of broadcasting frustrate radio hosts. However, radio hosts don’t tell guests about the taboos. The book covers all types of media, from broadcast to print. It starts with the pitch or idea and takes you through the realities of working in media today. It covers social media, charities, business owners and more. And it includes excellent, practical advice from radio legend Erin Davis, broadcast journalists Jason White and Robyn Brady and other experienced media pros.

Here’s a taste:

“What is going to get you on the air if you’re not famous? Relevance. A great story. An aspect of a current news story that’s unusual or personal. A rare event or a challenge. An interesting milestone. The explanation of something we all wonder about. An overlooked local person we should know about. The possibilities are endless, and it’s all in the presentation.

Bottom line: you have a fully formed idea. There is something in your pitch for our listeners, our number one concern. You don’t have to follow a template or have an English degree to communicate well. Just be clear. Don’t be vague. Don’t tell me you’ll explain yourself if I would just give you a call. I won’t call you. While you’re teasing me with whatever, know that I have a dozen clear and present details in front of me that need my attention. I don’t have time for games, and I live on weird hours. I can’t always call you when you want me to.”

Like Oscar Meyer wieners, it’s all meat and no filler. Ten percent of net sales will go to the Parkinson’s Society in memory of my Dad. Editing is complete by the fabulous Jennifer D. Foster of Planet Word who also edited The Naked Truth. Publication date isn’t nailed down yet. Trust me, I’ll let you know when it’s available!

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