Thankful Thursday – Meals on Wheels

Some of the simpler things in life aren’t so simple for many people. Having enough to eat. Being able to look after themselves. People struggle with these things every day. Last week I was asked to help deliver lunches with Meals on Wheels and saw first-hand how important their work is. I’m thankful for the experience.

It’s not only delivering a meal but it’s peace of mind as well. For some people, the delivery person is the only human contact they’ll have all day. If no one comes to the door, a family member will be notified. When they do come to the door, they find a caring person and nutritious food. It’s so basic and so important.

They did a little video of my outing. The last man we visited was quite chatty and friendly. He loves the service and admits he has no idea how it works. “My son sets it all up”, he said with a smile. Love. Food. Community. It’s simple and important.

2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday – Meals on Wheels”

  1. Can’t remember where I heard this, but sometimes its nothing more than a smile and hello which will brighten someones day. However, with social media, you can go days without ever actually speaking with a real person.

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