Signs of the Times

You can learn a lot about a place from its signs. Are they funny? Are they informative? Do they… god forbid… have an unnecessary apostrophe? 

I missed one sign for a shop in Maine called Erin’s Pies. Too slow on the ol’ iPhone to capture it. But I got a few that made me chuckle so I’ll share them with you today.

Not all of them were out of doors.

Typed little sign over the toilet paper roll explains that they use 1-ply paper because the pipes are old. But if you aren't comfortable with it, you can ask for 2-ply at the office.
Ah, the Winsome Inn in St. Stephen. The highest-rated of all three motels in the town!
Sandwich board sign reads The earth laughs in flowers.
Carmans Diner in St. Stephen is irrepressibly cheerful and has good food
Sign reads: Store hours. Open most days at 9 or 10, occasionally as early as 7 but sometimes as late as 12 or 1. We close most days at 5:30 or 6 but occasionally as early as 4 and sometimes as late as 11 or 12. Somedays or afternoons we're not here at all but lately we've been here just about all the time except when we're somewhere else.
On a St. Andrews auto shop
Tall wooden sign reads Shuckins Lobstah
Calais Maine. It’s how they say it!


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