Thankful Thursday – My Mama

I call her Mamasita, Matka, Ma, Mom and other variations on the same theme. And when I’m serious about something, I use her full name: Mother! It’s the equivalent of her using my full name when I was a kid. Strikes terror in her heart! (not really) She doesn’t like most photos of herself and she isn’t thrilled when I talk about her in public…so I’ll just share this painting that was done of her in the 1970s. It hung at the top of the staircase in our home. Surely she won’t mind.

painting of my Mom. She has short, dark hair and is wearing a pink pantsuit, sitting on a white chair with her legs crossed and arms folded, looking off to the left

The best thing she does for me is not try to make me something I’m not. I’m free to be me, even though that can sometimes present a challenge! It’s the greatest gift you can give your kid. Keep them on course, but don’t try to change who they are. The second-best thing she does is send me home with delicious homemade food!

I’m a little late for Mother’s Day, but thanks Ma.

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