Throwback Thursday – Une Dizaine D’annees, Mon Dieu!

Translation: It’s been ten years since Derek and I visited England and France. We also went to Monaco but didn’t quite make it to Italy. I’d love to spend a couple of years visiting tiny pockets of Europe. The only other European country I’ve seen is Iceland. 

me in the foreground with the base of the Eiffel tower behind me

We’ve taken a lot of trips since then, but our England/France holiday was the most intense and memorable, probably because I had wanted to go for so long. Every day was something new, exciting and like nothing here at home. Whether it was seeing the Eiffel Tower or taking an evening cruise on the Seine River; shopping at Harrod’s Department store and then nibbling dainty treats among celebrities in its tea room; renting a motorcycle and touring the mountains of France and winding along the ocean at Eze – it was magical.

Some people travel to Europe regularly. Some have never been able to go. I’d love to return and spend about a year in France! And I really want to see Italy. Perhaps I mentioned that desire to the universe once or twice because two of my favourite females have asked me to go with them in late 2019 and you can bet I started mentally packing right away. Loose-fitting garments that will allow for lots of authentic Italian pasta. I can hardly wait. Mamma Mia!

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