It’s Us Again

Derek and I smiling, obviously out of doors on a sunny day. We were at a park in Wingham for a CKNX reunion

A newish London news source called The London Beat talked to Derek about his career, and it bubbled over a bit into mine.

It’s hard to believe that Derek was in radio almost 40 years, but he was. Now he’s doing the voice-acting thing and doing it well. And the writer, Mark Solway, really gets it when it comes to the sweat equity needed to make a go of voice-work.

Imagine trying to leg down twenty leads per day otherwise, and audition for them.

Botten built a studio in his house, where he looks after both recording and production. When you’re looking to create so many audition attempts, your best course of action is to streamline your processes and be as productive as possible. In audio engineering, you cannot make a lousy recording sound good, no matter what tricks and techniques you come up with. Any increased level of production can be a time constraint that bogs you down immeasurably.

If you’re interested, read on at this link: THE LONDON BEAT STORY. 

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