“Orange Island in a Blue Wave” ~London Free Press headline

My home turf is NDP while the rest of the province gave Doug Ford a majority government in Ontario. As my Grandfather used to say, “Lord love a duck”. (I’m not sure what it means either.)

Ford kept saying he’d have a fully costed platform out before the election and he didn’t but that didn’t really matter.

Numbers, right? Who has to be specific! We’ll just round it up! Or we’ll round it down.

I’m more concerned about religious zealots pulling sex education from schools and going back to telling kids there are babies in mummies tummies and storks deliver newborns. I’m worried that Ontario will revert to a mild version of The Handmaid’s Tale with anyone who is “other” being seen as lesser. I don’t understand why a promise of a buck-a-beer is more important than a woman’s reproductive rights.

However, I’m also going to give Doug Ford a chance. It’s a change and that’s what we needed. With Andrea Horwath and the NDP in the opposition and the Liberals all but silenced, things have to improve, right? RIGHT?


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