Provincial Election Day – Just Do It

“Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.” `Winston Churchill

If you can’t decide how to cast your ballot in the Ontario election, perhaps this Globe and Mail column by Allan Broadbent will help. In it, the Chairman of Avana Capital Corporation doesn’t tell you which way to vote. Instead, he points out the positives about each of the parties and their leaders, and our province as a whole.

I don’t believe in spoiling a ballot just to make a point.It’s tempting to think we’re heading for the dumpster. That’s simply not true. And a long view of Ontario’s history will prove it.

Politics is a game of negatives. There are untruths in every radio ad that’s been running up to the election. They’re written by high-school gossips who grew up but didn’t mature as they developed political points of view.

I have voted for every major party over the years, including the Green Party. My perception changes as the needs of the province continue to evolve and change circumstances. I know people who will vote along party lines no matter who’s in charge or where we are headed. Regardless of how you view the process, I believe the privilege of casting a ballot isn’t one to squander. If it feels entirely negative and frightening to be an Ontarian, blame the parties themselves for propagating that b.s. Rise above it! People died so you could vote. Make their lives worth something even if your vote cancels out mine.


2 thoughts on “Provincial Election Day – Just Do It”

  1. “People died so you could vote” stands in stark contrast to “You gotta’ fight for your right to party.” Unfortunately, too many would agree more with the latter. Well penned as usual, Lisa.

  2. Hear, hear! It’s pretty awful when so many are hate-voting today – holding their noses and choosing someone that will be the least intolerable over the next several years. But here we are. Good luck to you from the left coast. xo

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