He Made Our House a Home

Derek and Spice nose to nose at the vet's office

It’s part of the deal. Pets don’t live long enough and we know that going in. Adopting a senior cat likely meant even less time and maybe that’s why most people don’t want to do it. You know it in your head but no one tells your heart.

Our hearts found out the hard way yesterday when we had to say goodbye to Spice. He was 18, a good long life, and we had more than six years with him. We will choose to be grateful and keep our grief to a minimum. At least, that’s what we’ll try to do. But I’ll miss the way he’d claim one of us with a paw and sleep with his head on our hand. Sometimes his tooth – one of four remaining – would dig into the flesh but I wouldn’t move him. When he was well, his language was distinct. He had a certain cry for food, as in – hey! – is anybody around here going to open a can or what? Another sounded like he was saying “Mom”, I kid you not. And still another meant he had his favourite toy and he was happy about it. He had a wonderful personality and we’re so glad he chose us.

9 thoughts on “He Made Our House a Home”

  1. I read a story many years ago about the death of an animal from a young boys prospective. He said “animals don’t need to live as long as us for they are all born with the love, affection and trust we seek our whole lives seeking.” Sorry for your loss.

  2. Ursula Schwarz

    So sorry for losing your beloved pet, they are the best friends we can ever find in life.

  3. Sounds like all of you were blessed to have those 6 years together. So sorry for your loss. RIP Spice.

  4. Gloria Bryant

    Losing a pet is just as difficult as losing any two-legged family member. Rejoice that you had 6 years of love with him. Memories are important!

  5. It takes a special someone – two special someones in this case – to adopt a senior pet knowing that your time will be relatively brief and will not be without medical complications, but opening your hearts to that inevitability, just the same. I’ve always admired that about you both; it says so much about you. We’re so sorry Spice is gone but so grateful that your love and care was reciprocated in every way. We should all be so lucky!

  6. Spice was a lucky boy to have been adopted, and loved dearly, by your family in his older years. I am sorry for your loss. I volunteer with North Toronto Cat Rescue and we get older cats from time to time when their mom or dad has passed away. About 4 months ago we received several older cats because their mom had passed away, and her family was not able to take them. I am pleased to say that we have one boy, Blizzard, left as his other former fur-family members have been adopted. So, there are also loving people out there that are aware of an adoptable cat’s age, but also aware that they still have lots of love to give. All the new families were older people who love cats, just do not want them running through their homes at the speed of sound, so they adopted our older felines. Crazy kittens were definitely not what they were looking for. Spice will be in your heart forever.

  7. Linda Reid

    Sorry I missed this when you wrote it. I have been reading your blogs for many years. Like when you were still in Toronto. I still remember writing to you about getting a baby carrier for that puppy that was so sick. I’m so sorry for your loss. We only adopt older animals and although our time with them is brief, we get so much joy form knowing these wise, old creatures. You gave Spice a wonderful last few years. I love people like you that would do that.

    1. Thanks Linda. It’s been so painful but it’s part of the journey, right? I’ll miss him forever.

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