The Tuna of the Land

stacked cans of Maple Leaf brand chicken breast, labelled in red, "Flakes of Chicken"

Somehow, I’ve gotten this far in life without realizing that you can buy chicken in a can. I know about the chicken of the sea, but I had no idea that you could buy chicken packed like tuna.  I now have three cans in my pantry and one in my belly. It isn’t very good on its own. It’s super salty and requires a lot of help to become flavourful. My Mom says my paternal Grandmother used to stock it for sandwiches. I never noticed.

As my Keto journey – which I call an attempt – continues (albeit with less fervor than before), I’m still looking for ways to get around eating pizza crust. My cauliflower-crust experiment was a tremendous taste success but also labour intensive. (BTW Cauliflower rice is now in permanent rotation in my kitchen after I made the recipe from Whole and Healthy Kitchen HERE. It’s yummy!) My sister-in-law, the Keto queen, makes crust out of chicken, Parmesan and an egg. I thought she was kidding about canned chicken. That’s how unaware I was!

You could use shredded chicken breast but why go to all of that trouble when a can is the perfect amount and it’s less than a dollar?

This YouTube video for chicken pizza crust tells you to make it thin but I thought I’d go thicker, just for kicks. I’ve spent my whole adult life eating thin this and flavourless that – I wanted an old fashioned crust. You know, like the Italians used to make, with canned chicken!  🙄

cheese and pepperoni on a light-yellow crust - photographed from above

We ordered pizza and, like a culinary Dr. Frankenstein, I removed the toppings from a couple of pieces and slid them onto my chicken creation. The result: deliciousness! But SO salty. I later discovered that boiling the chicken for a couple of minutes removes a lot of the salt.

I’m feeling so much better without wheat in my life and I don’t miss it. I’m not saying never, though. I have had popcorn a couple of times and a few homemade muffins. Thank you versatile chicken for once again coming to the rescue and for teaching me that you can even fit into a little, tiny can.

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  1. I remember being at someone’s house – maybe my grandmother’s? – and chicken came out of a big can – pretty much intact and surrounded by some awful yucky jelly stuff. Probably from the days when farmers canned their poultry to store it for another time? Anyway, I’m glad your flaky friend has proven how far our little feathered friends have come! Good luck!

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