Bucket List Interview

Sign reads: WARNING! You are nearing the edge of the flat earth. One false step could be your last. Number of people lost to date: 0.

Some people want to interview the Pope. Others want to spend time with Paul McCartney. I just want to talk to a flat-earther! 

For the uninitiated, a flat-earther is someone who believes the earth is flat. There are hundreds of thousands of them. All it takes to be a flat-earther is a complete distrust for science and the ability to ignore all photographs and other evidence that show the earth is round.

They believe NASA has deluded most earthlings into believing the earth is a sphere. But they’re not falling for it. Nosiree! With absolutely no evidence, they conclude that our planet is a disc. Why has no one ever been to the edge of the disc? How do they explain all of the photos of the curvature of the earth, from virtually every country in the world, and space? Why would it be in NASA’s interest to mislead us? These are the questions I wanted answered last week when I was offered an interview with a journalist who attended the recent Flat Earth Convention in Edmonton, Alberta.

It’s difficult to get a direct interview with a flat earth believer. They know they’ll be mocked for their minority (and stupid, and ridiculous, and did I say stupid?) views so they don’t do media appearances. But this journalist was prepared to tell us what it was like on the inside. However, we couldn’t work out the schedule so it didn’t happen. I’m deeply disappointed. But I’m also amused by this snippet from the Flat Earth Society’s Facebook page and the response to it.

Post from the Flat Earth Society reads: The FES has members around the globe. A response from Physics-Astronomy.com reads "say that again, but slowly".

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