Be The Change

When you hear someone say, “I’m not going to vote”, please show them this.  

It’s about the American mid-terms but it applies to any election, in general terms. Older people vote. Younger people don’t. There’s some strong language so don’t crank the volume at work. Ontario’s municipal election date is October 22. Be the change you want to see in the world!

3 thoughts on “Be The Change”

  1. Engaging younger people to get out and vote has been a ongoing debate and discussion for years with much of the reasons being one of apathy. But why? You can examine the psychology and behavioral sciences behind why young people don’t vote and discover little in the way of answers, however, the answer is right in front of us and in the hands of the young people. It’s call technology or a smart phone! Enable and provide the ability for young people to vote using their smart phone and turnout will increase. The younger two generations are tied to technology which didn’t exist for the older generations, we may be willing to go to a poling station, they’re not!

    … and by the way, a technology-based way to vote, also grants access to those with a disability to vote as well, meaning the 1.9 million Ontarians who may wish to vote but can’t.

  2. Seeing Michael Moore’s latest, and realizing that the biggest party in the US is the party of non-voters (some 100 million) almost makes me say “you apathetic twits get what you deserve.” Only WE don’t deserve it. WE don’t deserve a climate that’s dying by the day (ask about coral reefs) and a political climate worldwide that is getting crazier by the moment (take a look at Brazil). We don’t deserve this and we beg the people south of the border to be the world’s proxy – to vote to save us all. America, you think you’ve saved the world again and again. This time, part of your country actually can – or make a step towards it. Thanks for the thoughts, Lisa. What a powerful PSA. xo Erin

  3. Wow. Great video. I wish there was a way to increase voter turnout, not just in municipal elections, but at all levels of government.

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