Where Few Have Traveled

I’m starting the week with a post that’s part fan-letter, part information-sharing via my former colleague, Avery Haines. We were coworkers at CKFM/MIX/CFRB roughly a century ago. We saw David Cassidy and Danny Bonaduce perform together! Now, she’s an investigative journalist with W5 and she’s just back from North Korea. 

If, like me, your knowledge of North Korea’s history is patchy, Avery’s W5 segments from Saturday night will clear it all up. She was there. It’s rare for a Western journalist to get in. The rules for reporters are incredible. The rigidity of what they can see becomes part of the story itself. It’s fascinating.

2 thoughts on “Where Few Have Traveled”

  1. She is REALLY good! Not to mention brave.
    Terrific program. Great voice. Well edited.
    Doesn’t hurt that she’s easy on the eyes either,
    btw. And the glasses are perfect.
    Just sayin’.

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