Gimme A Break

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Thank you, regular blog reader, for returning to my little corner of the Internet and reading my musings. I’m sorry to disappoint you this week, but I need to take a short sabbatical. 

I’ll explain it all when I come back in a week. I really don’t mean to be vague, but there’s some major upheaval around here. Although it’s all good news for me it’s absorbing my time and energy.

And I have an announcement: Make the Media Want You: An Insider’s Guide to Creating Persuasive Pitches is available online everywhere, but not in physical stores. My attempts to get London stores to stock it haven’t succeeded – they hear from hundreds of independent authors and have to sort through them all. So I came up with an idea.

This Saturday, I’ll be selling/signing the physical book locally, at Cream Beanery and Cafe at 825 Southdale Rd. W., west of Wonderland, from 9-11 am. Cost: $15. Experience, priceless! The book is usually anywhere from $18 to $20 online through various booksellers, plus tax and shipping. And waiting. And no autograph or meet and greet! 😉

Why Cream Beanery? They’re a local, independent mom-and-pop shop that make everything themselves. They serve O-Joe Coffee, delicious gelato and they’re nice folks. And I’m happy to bring them a little attention in exchange for letting me occupy a booth for a while. Perhaps visitors will try a latte or muffin, but that’s not mandatory.

So, if you’re in London on Saturday morning and would like a copy of my book, and a couple of minutes of face time, I’d love to meet you!

In the meantime, forgive my silence here this week. All is well. I just need a break from my own brain. Thank you.  See you at the Beanery!

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  1. Well Lisa, since you are taking some time for yourself ( and hopefully Derek Too), please feel free to stop by and let me cook for you both. It’s been awhile since you treated yourselves to my culinary delights. Hugs Deborah

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