The Way We Were

There’s no question about it, I’m going to miss Ken Eastwood. He’s a great on air partner, a good guy and a hell of a baker and cook. Stephanie Vivier starts with him tomorrow on CJBK. Today, for me, it’s about looking back. 

Me and Ken with a crowd and Kim Mitchell on stage in the background. We are wearing green plastic glasses with blinking green lights on them
It IS easy being green!
Ken in the far left corner, wearing lit-up green plastic glasses, as Howard Jones in the background talks to a member of his off-stage crew
Howard Jones behind Ken.
Our selfie with Trudeau as we interviewed the PM by phone.
Ken gives me a "what the hell is wrong with you?" look!
He looked at me like that often.
Just a couple a radio posers.
Me and Ken, flanking a smiling Loreena Dickson, our newscaster
With wonderful Loreena Dickson
So many amazing guests. Cleveland Brownlee is a London treasure – from the London Majors baseball club.
Ken and I dressed to the nines in a wedding chapel
All dressed up for our “do-over” wedding contest ceremony
With our CTV colleague Nick Paparella
Ken and I wearing London Knights jerseys, posing in the studio in front of the CJBK sign
London Knights fans showing support for the Humbolt Broncos.

Ken looking confused with his headphones worn incorrectly, over his forehead and the back of his head


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