Pulling Up Stakes

When we last left our intrepid broadcaster, she had purchased a home in Wallaceburg and put her London house up for sale. Her husband and cat have been clearing out and packing. (Husband more than cat.) We learned that the new home isn’t commuting distance to the current job. And now, with apologies to Paul Harvey, here’s…the rest…of the story.

A gal’s gotta eat and she needs to feed her cat, too. I’ve never been one to let someone else pay my freight (not that I judge anyone who does – there are many ways to make your life worthwhile other than working for the man!) But, am I finished with radio? That’s undetermined.

Anyone who’s been along for this ride awhile might recall that I was done with morning radio about a decade ago and then life said HA! However,  I will confide that I am burned out, sick of hearing myself talk and at great risk of developing a bad attitude. I’ve loved working with Ken Eastwood and I have only good things to say about that man. He’s a gem and we were fortunate – and quite frankly, surprised – at how much chemistry and synchronicity we had as show partners. But my tolerance for the schedule is at a low ebb. My ability to roll with needlessly mean and negative messaging has expired. I’m full. It’s time.

I’m not independently wealthy. We will both have to work and work a lot. So we will. I’m leaping back into the freelance world with renewed energy. (Need a writer? A voice with feet?!) I’ll continue to market my latest book and perhaps write some more. This isn’t retirement – it’s a change in focus. My belief is that it’s better to try this, and give myself more control over my life, than to regret not doing it. And who knows what opportunities will appear? I believe in optimism and staying open to fresh ideas. Part of my new “job” will be making sure that the many wonderful contacts I’ve made don’t forget about me.

My last day on 1290 CJBK is tomorrow, Halloween, October 31st. It’s the tenth anniversary of my last day on 680 News. Funny how things work out, isn’t it?

9 thoughts on “Pulling Up Stakes”

  1. Kim mchugh

    Good luck Lisa !! I will miss hearing you and I hope Wallaceburg rocks ! Hope the negativity didn’t make you feel bad, cause you are always breath of positivity!!
    Kim McHugh

    1. Dear Friend: I am so blessed that you and I got to connect with you, just before you’ve taken a break from full-time radio. It was great interview that both you and Ken, did for me and my book! I’ve followed your career for a long time, and have you accomplished just about everything on your bucket list? Sometimes a “break” is a good thing (I did that after both my parents’ passed away and in needing to clear out their house.) you are creative, you are bold, you have a voice on a lot of topics and interests and you won’t be forgotten! Keep creating in whatever form it is, in your life post radio! Much love, Ian

  2. Wishing you all the very best as you turn the page and start a new chapter in your life and explore new and old endeavors. Time for the cat to get a job and pull its weight.

  3. Hi Lisa,
    I know you’ll succeed at anything you try. You put your heart& soul into it and jump in.

    Moving is hard work so make sure you take time to enjoy your coffee breaks.


  4. Nancy Favaro

    Wishing you good luck and hope everything works out for you both. Happy future.

  5. Ursula Schwarz

    I wish you the best of luck in your new life, as you said, who knows what doors will open for you along the way.

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