Merry Anni-birth-mas!

As we celebrate – in a row – our ninth anniversary, Derek’s birthday and Christmas, I’m bathed in gratitude.

Gratitude for good health and great family. For the support, trust and generosity of our friends Erin and Rob whose love and open hearts have made this year truly memorable.

For our friends Barry and Heykel, and my brother Kevin, who helped immeasurably with our move. For the fact that Barry just came through a shocking and life-saving surgery with flying colours. And for his wonderful girlfriend Jo who’s somehow working from home, looking after three dogs – and Barry!

a glossy card that reads In Loving Memory and features a photo of Spice looking into the camera
Our friend Jennifer made this card for us. 

The fact that we had Spice the Wondercat as long as we did. That Miss Sugar has taken to (and taken over!) our new home. The way Derek has taken care of so many details and issues, and his unwavering support for my decisions. My Mom’s understanding that although we’re an hour further away, it’s for the greater good – and now I have more time for travel.

Derek leans against the brick wall of the Arcade restaurant as its neon sign reflects in the window above him

For Lianne, Jenn, Dan & Amanda, Tam and Monique and our other great friends who are cheering us on and promising to visit. Ken and Ryan, who didn’t give me any grief for disrupting a work life that was humming along well. (They’d better visit, too!) Robyn, Bill, Lee, Dick and everyone else at this end of the journey who received us with open arms.

Wallaceburg Auto Wash sign reads: My 3 fav things are eating my family and not using commas.

Damn, I’m a fortunate person. Thank you for coming here. I don’t take it for granted and I value each and every comment, email and interaction we have. Merry Christmas! I hope you have much to be grateful for, too. 

5 thoughts on “Merry Anni-birth-mas!”

  1. Miss you Lisa but understand your decision. Commend you are being so brave to make the jump! Sounds like it was a good choice!
    Merry Christmas and enjoy your new home.
    I look forward to your future blogs!

  2. So pleased that the plan to move is working extremely well, with lots of support it seems. I do hope you and Derek and Miss Sugar have a wonderful Christmas. Mine will be very different than in years past. I will be spending it with my daughter, her husband, his 3 children, the dogs and our first Christmas tree. You can’t see the floor for presents, yes, my daughter went a little bit crazy for her first Christmas with her husband and his/their children – they all call her Mum and me Grandma. Merry Christmas and all the other celebrations you have at this time of the year Lisa. Miss you in the morning.

  3. You are a true friend. When I was a kid, I never understood how my parents had friends they didn’t see every day. Sometimes they went years between visits. And they didn’t have the internet. Now I know how those friendships work. And in the internet age, it’s easier to keep in touch. I hope you know you always have friends in me and Amanda. You’re the best.

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