Palm Christmas

As we settle into our new home, we will continue our (relatively new) tradition of gathering ’round the palm-Christmas-tree.

Empty-nesters we know, and others without children in their home, seem to be singing the same refrain: it’s a pain in the butt to put up a tree! Although some people would never dream of not having one. I love the tradition of it but not the fuss. Going out to get our own tree never held any magic for me. I always felt sorry for the tree, leaving its friends…

Close-up of the lit palm tree with ornaments including a beige toque, a winter hat, a lumberjack-patterned hat, two sets of headphones and Elvis.
Still waiting on curtains – but we have hats!

Our annual palm-raising takes about five minutes. The tree is pre-lit and can even be used outdoors in better weather. Recently, I decided to limit our decorations to a few truly meaningful ones and my own collection of winter hats! It started with my sister-in-law Kelly’s gift of a small, clip-on Santa hat and went from there. I have to love the hat though. I’ve passed over a few, which basically means I’m a tiny hat snob. 

Our leg lamp is in the front window – may as well give the neighbours a taste of what we’re really like! And that’s it for Christmas decor this year. Maybe next year we’ll be settled enough to put bows on the front railing and fill the huge outdoor planter with something more festive than the dead plant that’s in it right now. But I have other things to do – like shop for curtains so the neighbours don’t see more of us than either of us would like!

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