A Little Something Extra

small pack of Kleenex reads Believe in Yourself on the front

On our recent trip south, at a steakhouse in Bandon, OR, the server brought us a little plate with the bill.  On it were two tiny, triangular bites of their signature dessert. “Just to say thank-you”, said the server. It was a nice touch and we hadn’t ordered dessert so we enjoyed it. 

Sometimes companies and people go out of their way to do something a little more than expected just to thank you for your business. Have you ever received something you didn’t know you were going to get?

Also on our recent road trip, I found myself in need of tissues. Eight-packs of Kleenex featured motivational sayings on the casings. Every time I reached for a Kleenex I was told to Seize The Day! Or Believe in Yourself! It was a little pick-me-up from an unusual source.

Despite advice to take a beautiful new painting to a certain framer to get it set up to hang, I took it to Michaels. Not only did they do a perfect job with the framing – and apply a 40% off coupon to the job! – the smartest little thing came with the hanging hardware.

Tiny plastic level, about an inch and a half long.

Not everyone has a level, right? I am married to Mr. Handyman so we have levels of all types, including laser. But what a thoughtful idea in case we didn’t.

This wildflower seed thingy was attached to the receipt for a rug I bought at Tepperman’s.

Black card with red exclamation point in felt, which is the company's logo, and an explanation underneath that the felt piece is a wildflower starter and contains seeds

The exclamation point is part of their logo. Flowers are good for bees. We like bees and therefore we like flowers. Smart.

This is better than a Gift With Purchase because it’s a surprise. It’s also better than the “please give to the FILL IN THE BLANK” at the checkout because as well-meaning as it is, after you give a couple of times you start to feel like a mark. It’s the same as an appeal for another donation that comes after you’ve just made a donation. Like, why don’t you go after someone who hasn’t made a donation yet? I made mine! I’m a good person. And then you realize that they’re coming back to you because you are a good person and it’s difficult to get money from someone with a cold call. So you feel guilty and you give again.

I seem to have digressed and possibly regressed. In summary, thanks for the level, Michaels! And for the flower seeds, Tepperman’s. And the motivational sayings, Kleenex. These little surprises are brilliant branding ideas that get you noticed for the right reasons.

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  1. Gerald Lahay

    Always enjoy reading these posts in the middle of the night. I seem to pick something up every day.

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