Thankful Thursday: Handy Hubby

Our new home was built in 1940 and had an addition put on sometime in the 1980s or 90s. When we moved in, we didn’t even consider the narrowness of the main staircase. 

I have this ongoing joke that’s gotten so old, it’s expected of me now. When we’re in an antique shop and there’s a miniature of something, or doll furniture, I pick the item up and say, “People were SO small back then”! Derek humours me and now he even preempts my little observation. But it appears that people – and their stuff – really were smaller back then! Otherwise, how can you explain why the movers couldn’t get a couple of things up the stairs?

The beautiful headboard Derek made didn’t make it. That’s an easy fix though; it’s a custom piece so he can simply re-customize it. The most important item was our box spring. It’s a queen. On the guest bed we have twin box springs but ours is one biggie. For a week, it sat on end in the dining room and we maneuvered around it, grimacing. 

Derek knew what to do, though. He basically cut it in half, took the pieces up and reassembled them in place with braces at the cuts and new staples putting the fabric back in place. 

In two pieces, ready for reassembly. 

It took more than an hour of hard labour, part of that time spent searching for all of the right tools. And it saved us having to buy two new box springs. This one is quite new – it would have been a shame. Sidebar: why is it still called a box spring when you can clearly tell there are no springs involved?

The item is back in place now, supporting our mattress and it’s even stronger than before. Another win for handy hubby.

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  1. I love your slice-of-life posts. Not everything has to be deep. Say it in as few words as possible, leave it for the reader, and move on. You are an amazing blogger.

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