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Perhaps you’re familiar with momondays, but if not, here’s the deal.

Momondays are held once a month in cities across the country, where five to seven speakers share a personal or professional story, for ten minutes at a time. It’s inspirational and it’s coming up in London on February 11 with yours truly on the speaker’s list.

Our good friend Kevin Bulmer is now in charge of London’s momondays and he tells us he made a wish list of the people he’d most like to have on his first night. Derek and I were on that list and everyone Kevin asked said yes. I’m still debating about which story to tell but I’m leaning toward my sepsis survival story with the message of listening to your intuition even when the whole world is telling you otherwise. Kevin thinks I should talk about the nudist camp experience! If you have thoughts, please share them in the comments. Derek will (I think!) share his experience of leaping out of a long career into the great unknown.

Advance tickets are $15 or $25 at the door. It’s being held at the London Music Club, a really cool venue in London where we’ve been to watch Kevin perform his music. (He’s a multi-talented force of nature!) And there are other great people in the line-up – check it out here and maybe I’ll see you there!

3 thoughts on “momondays – Mo Me!”

  1. I think the Nudist camp story would have audience appeal, but the sepsis survival story is more heartfelt and personal to you and a more powerful message. Makes the audience think!

  2. I love both of those – and you could easily riff on morning radio and the environment before #MeToo – the flying furniture, the screaming tantrums (not yours), the days in costumes shilling for the radio station. The salaries they wouldn’t go beyond for women (a $40G threshold). People might just love to hear the behind-the-scenes – then and now – that you and Derek have lived through. The best interviews. The most cringe-worthy. Drop names like you’re Jimmy Buffett with an anthem mic. You’ll kill!

  3. Kevin Bulmer

    I think you should talk about whatever feels right in your heart 🙂

    I can’t imagine anything would make one feel more “naked” than knowing, deep in your heart, that you are dying while the “experts” keep insisting that you are not.

    Whatever you choose to do, it will be wonderful because it’s you. And that’s why I reached out to you, and am so, so grateful for your friendship and inspiring example 🙂

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