Throwback Thursday – Marie Kondo and Me

Now that Marie Kondo has her own, popular TV show about her KonMari Method of tidying up, I can say I knew her when!

Okay, so I don’t actually know her, but I devoured her book and adopted (some of) her methods a couple of years ago. She forever changed the way I decide whether or not to keep something. She’s changing millions of peoples’ lives in a fundamental way. Marie is perfect for television. She’s tiny, adorable and even with a translator, her joy comes through.

Some viewers lament her rule of keeping no more than thirty books. I love books and we have lots but there probably are only about thirty that are really important to me. And I bought her book as an eBook, so it doesn’t count!

Dozens of Derek's T-shirts folded into rectangles and stood on end in his half-full dresser drawer
Derek’s rectangle-folded shirts are a little bigger than Marie’s but they still create a lot more room in the drawer!

She also requires clients to thank their house for sheltering them and thank the clothing they give away. And she admits – thank goodness – that she doesn’t live in endless organized perfection. She has a young daughter so chaos is bound to erupt. Marie and I share a fundamental joy – we both love messy rooms because it means we’ll get to clean them up!

My review of the book and her methodology appear in today’s throwback post, along with the method I rely on most in my attempt to cut down on clutter and unnecessary stuff, HERE.

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