The Boss, Vulnerable

Bruce Springsteen on stage pointing to the camera

But, says the journalist, “You’re Bruce fucking Springsteen”!

“Ugh”, replies Bruce. “Bruce fucking Springsteen is a creation.”

Springsteen struggles with mental illness. And by talking about it, he’s potentially helping millions of people get through their own struggles.

The Boss previously discussed his bouts with depression in his excellent book, Born to Run. And he recently agreed to an intimate interview with Esquire in which he got much more in depth about how his troubled relationship with his father (who was diagnosed late-in-life with schizophrenia) shaped who he was. And how he was criticized and teased for being more like his mother: sensitive, kind, gentle.

Springsteen’s soul-baring sold-out Broadway show is now a Netflix special, where he cracks opens his heart like a boiled lobster. And if you missed the Esquire article in the hubbub of the holidays like I did. It’s worth the read: HERE.

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