Championing a Deaf Dog

On air and talking into the microphone with brown and white Boston Terrier Pickles on my lap

Few people I don’t really know have inspired me as much as Melissa Millett has. She’s a dog trainer who has a spark and a drive to create good in the world; good entertainment and good lives for pets.

A photo of me with Pickles, one of Melissa’s performing dogs, is one of my favourites. (And like a lot of people, I’m not a giant fan of photos of myself!) Melissa and some of her stars visited the CJBK studio. Ken Eastwood was already well acquainted with her and her canine pals but for me, it was a revelation.

Melissa teaches dog training and she has a traveling, performing dog show called Ultimutts. You can truly tell that her dogs LOVE what they do and they are her pets as well as her colleagues. She trained and managed dogs on the set of last year’s major movie, Show Dogs. Now she has a new star on her roster – Jellybean – who is going for a major title: World’s Most Amazing Dog. Jellybean is in the semi-finals. Oh, and did I mention that he’s deaf? Most deaf dogs meet a sad fate. Melissa wants to change that. And they’ll need our votes to really make it happen.

Follow the link HERE to the story by CTV London on Melissa and talented Jellybean.

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