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Last week, a friend of a friend found a problem with the food delivery service, Skip the Dishes and I thought you should know about it.

His credit card was denied on repeated attempts to order dinner so he moved on to his debit card. That was also denied. He decided to order a pizza instead and while he was on the phone with the pizza place, six delivery drivers arrived with six separate orders from Skip the Dishes!

There’s no one to call, no one to set it right. It’s an app that was obviously experiencing technical issues, but how was he supposed to know that? The six drivers milled around as they all tried to figure out what to do. The customer accepted the first order and refused the other five – tipping the drivers and apologizing. Then he called his credit card company to get them to cancel the unwarranted charges. He was surprised to find out that they wouldn’t help him. I wasn’t.

Long ago, I learned that credit card companies aren’t on your side. I booked a lakeside cottage after checking its references and noting its “pet friendly” policy. Lee Roy the Border Collie was no sooner putting a paw in the lake when the cottage manager came out screaming at me to, “get that filthy animal out of the water”! In her definition, “pet friendly” meant keeping Lee Roy inside a cottage all day, but he wasn’t welcome on the grounds. (Nowhere was this stated in their policy.) Not only did that defeat the purpose of bringing him with us, it was an especially hot and humid week. Leaving him in the cottage wasn’t just distasteful, it was dangerous. We packed up and left.

The credit card company refused to cancel the payment. If they have their clutches on your money, they will not let go. (Getting scammed and having your identity stolen are the only cases they will forgive.)

If you close a credit card account and forget to inform a creditor you’ve authorized to take an automatic payment from that card, the payment will still come out and you will still get a bill. In that respect, the account never really closes. (I have never had this happen but was recently told it was policy when I closed a card.)

There are two takeaways here. First, no matter what they claim, a credit card company does not care what happens to your finances or your dog. They will not defend you in a dispute over your own money. They’ll happily spend it with interest, even when you don’t want them to.

Second, a caution about using app-only services. When there’s no managing authority you can appeal to, you’re left holding the bag – or, in this case, six bags – if there’s a problem. My friend’s friend appears to be stuck with the entire tab.

6 thoughts on “Skip Skip the Dishes”

  1. Have never used an app to order food delivery and never will. If I can’t call directly and order from the restaurant, they don’t get my business. We are way too dependent on apps.

  2. I’ve only more recently begun to use Apps to order quick serve food delivery but there is also the phone, or internet site which I can use if need be. Skip the Dishes is merely a front end to various other businesses and you’d have to figure out where your actual order was filled.

    1. Once it’s packaged, out with the driver, delivered to the customer – there’s no way in hell that money will get refunded. It’s just something to keep in mind if your card doesn’t work.

  3. Gary Kaufman

    Have had a few issues myself with Skip The Dishes… most recent…..ordered meal at 6:02….it arrived at 7:33….over 1 1/2 and COLD….called restaurant at 7:00 to check on order….it was ready and waiting for driver, who picked it up at 7:22…..That being said….when placing order, your payment is processed along with a tip…..apparently driver is paid delivery charge and tip….so, I tipped him for being 1 1/2 hours with my cold food….

  4. I am the most-hated credit-card customer ever, because I pay my bill in full every month. They are making on interest on me.

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