momonday is Here!

Drinking from my new mug that reads: I run on coffee, chaos and cuss words!

I would be more nervous about my presentation tonight at London’s rebooted momondays, if not for the faith the organizer has in me.

Kevin Bulmer – as I’ve previously written – is a longtime friend, supporter, and even my supervisor at Delaware Speedway. He’s as decent and genuine as they come and he thinks I have something to say, so I’ll say it at London Music Club tonight. My talk is based on surviving sepsis/septic shock and trusting your instincts. I’m also really looking forward to the other speakers, including Kevin, who will deliver his “Rise Like a Phoenix, Race Like a Turtle” keynote that gets raves from audiences.

Derek is also telling his story of getting turfed from a long career and finding a new one at a time when ageism and minimum-wage-ism were taunting him. His experience proves that you can humble yourself, launch in a new direction, and succeed.

The night’s other speakers include:

Susan Kovacs  “From MS Diagnosis to Triathlon” ; Martin Reid  “Run Toward the Roar“; and Jeff Wilcox “Thinking Backwards, Winning Races, Serving Public”. It should be an empowering, inspiring night! If you’re in London and would like to attend, get tickets through momondays HERE. 

And please note that it’s at London Music CLUB not London Music Hall. Similar names but big difference, even though they’re only about five blocks apart!

FYI tomorrow’s post might publish a little later than usual. I hope to deliver a morning-after-the-night-before for you.

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  1. You’re going to rock this – and it will be the beginning of a whole new venture for you: public speaking. Your book “Make the Media Want You” is fantastic and I hope that this helps give you the boost you need to start shopping that keynote to companies and PR execs who really need to hear your inside wisdom. I will be sending you thoughts of strength and love. Knock ’em dead, Lisa. xoxo

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