No Mo

This was my view for part of yesterday.

A hospital bed, dresser, boxes of gloves and all of the other doodads you see in a hospital room.

The room wasn’t mine. The reason was serious. But the person I accompanied would rather I didn’t tell all about it right now. So, I missed Momonday but Derek was there and he was great!

Derek giving his talk, microphone in hand, in front of the momondays banner.

And as sure as there’s a Monday at the start of every week, I’ll join another one soon!

3 thoughts on “No Mo”

  1. Sorry to hear that you missed momonday Lisa. It does show what an incredible human you are, to put aside a momentary personal spotlight moment to help someone else who obviously needed you. Hope whoever called on you is feeling better. You will get that momonday moment, I am sure. Chris

  2. I’m so sorry for your hardship but I know you did what you had to do – as you always do. Can’t wait to hear about Derek’s experience and, eventually, your own. xo

  3. Hi Lisa, I hope the person in the bed is feeling much better and will be back home very soon. Let them know there are lots of people pulling for them.

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