Mourning Has Broken

The cover of Erin's book is light blue with a hummingbird on it

It’s almost publication date for Erin Davis’s new book, Mourning Has Broken: Love, Loss and Reclaiming Joy.

The book, published on Feb. 26 by Harper Collins, has been available for pre-order for some time now and has already landed at #1 on Amazon in its category. Quite an accomplishment! Erin will be everywhere in the next little while, physically and virtually, as she talks about her wonderful husband Rob and the incredible, and far too brief, in-person relationship they had with their daughter, Lauren.

Mother and daughter pose, smiling and radiant, on Lauren's wedding day
Mother and daughter on Lauren’s wedding day.

To know Lauren is to love her. “Is”, because the love doesn’t change. Derek had only recently spent time in her presence, at her wedding and during a visit to our house, but I remember how delighted and impressed he was by her poise and sparkle. She embodied the best of both of her parents and was on the cusp of a great career in broadcasting. Her sudden and untimely death as a newlywed and new Mom who had just celebrated her first Mother’s Day, shattered so many lives. But don’t expect the book to be a downer, because it’s not.

I’ve never known a family like the tight, little Davis clan. The closeness and love they shared was – and is – so delightful to witness. Banter between mother and daughter, each with lightning-quick wit, was something special. And Lauren’s relationship with her Dad was equally beautiful. It was Rob who readied young Lauren for school every morning while Mom took her spot in front of the microphone.

Sadly, thousands of parents have experienced the loss of a child. It’s Erin’s hope – and my belief – that by telling her story, she will start a conversation that will help to heal a lot of broken hearts.

Cousin Kim and I are attending one of Erin’s sold-out appearances this weekend. (Not through any effort of mine – Kim got the tickets!) I’m so happy to see my talented friend add a new title to her list: author. Likely, best-selling author. Keep up with her growing list of appearances HERE.

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  1. I am so looking forward to attending Erin’s event on Saturday and sharing it with you Lisa! See you soon.

  2. Read “Mourning has Broken” in two days! Enjoyed every page. A true awakening on grieving and enjoying your life once again.Erin is so witty, funny, caring and inspirational.

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