Throwback Thursday – Walkin’ in Memphis

Just about a year ago, we were in Memphis. We visited Graceland, walked storied Beale St. and took a tip from a producer at Sun Studio and grabbed lunch at Elvis’ favourite diner.

Derek leans against the brick wall of the Arcade restaurant as its neon sign reflects in the window above him

2019 marks the 100th anniversary of the Arcade Restaurant. It’s the oldest restaurant in Memphis and run by the third generation of its founding family. The food is fast, simple and really good. The Arcade is located in old Memphis, away from most of the tourist-friendly destinations. Buildings all around it have been refurbished, torn down and built up, and through it all and the Arcade has remained a charming, bustling little eatery. You can almost picture Elvis wolfing down a sandwich in the corner booth.

The Arcade is an official historic site and the location for several iconic movie scenes, including Great Balls of Fire. Jerry Lee Lewis would have eaten at the Arcade many times back in the day when he was a contract player, along with Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash, at Sun. Elvis dropped by and – captured by a photographer – they were dubbed The Million Dollar Quartet.

I'm pretending to harmonize in the famous photo of Jerry Lee, Carl, Elvis and Johnny on the wall of Sun Studio
Four amazing talents and one photo-bomber!

I’d like to spend more time in Memphis, even just to enjoy another order of ‘slaw on the side at the Arcade.

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