Beautiful Bride & Radio Reunion

Ken taking a selfie of he and his wife, Loreena the bride and me and Derek

CJBK morning co-host Loreena Dickson got married on the weekend. She invited the CJBK morning crew to the reception and I’m so grateful that I was included, despite being an ex-crew member.

It was a small wedding and a beautiful reception with a DJ and a band. Not at the same time. That would be weird.

Bride Loreena in a beautiful, long white gown and faux-fur coat surrounded by producer Ryan and his wife Wendy, Derek and me, Ken and his wife Nora, and young Sara MeshMesh, the current newscaster on CJBK.
Ryan & Wendy, Derek & me, Loreena, Ken & Nora, Sara.
Same photo set up but everyone's making goofy faces at the direction of the photographer.

Although I don’t have photographic evidence of the groom, John was there, I assure you!

I knew I missed these folks – producer Ryan, former co-host Ken and Loreena, who was our newscaster. But when Loreena introduced Ken to someone as her “work husband”, I got a twinge of jealousy. I did! It was unexpected. He used to be mine! But I chose to leave. Emotions can be so strange.

So, Loreena and Ken are doing great as a team. Ryan is as steady as ever and Sara is newscasting – she’s loving it and they love her. They’ve all moved on and so have I. But the friendships endure and for that, I’m grateful.

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  1. Nice that you made the cut. You must have left a good taste and engaged in a graceful exit. Not easy, but definitely the high road. Not as many travel up there, but I’m not surprised that that was your path. xo.

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