My Last Connection to Kellogg’s

Box of Kellogg's All-Bran bars in orange-cranberry

Six years ago, when Kellogg’s closed its London plant, many people swore they’d never buy the brand again. For us, it wasn’t so black-and-white. Kellogg’s makes Bran Buds! I love my Bran Bud muffins.

And my Bran-Bud-muffin substitutes were All-Bran bars. Not sweet, not chewy, they were like tasty bricks of fibre bark! And I enjoyed them. My favourite flavour was orange-cranberry. They also came in chocolate chip and honey nut.

I looked for some a couple of weeks ago. There weren’t any in the usual place on the granola bar shelves. Other products crowded their old space. Not a good sign. So I wrote to Kellogg’s through their website. This is part of their reply:

We are sad to let you know that these bars did not have enough fans and were discontinued. I truly understand how much you enjoyed them and wish we could continue making them for you.

I wish you could, too, Special K!

Many years ago there was a makeup called Clarion. They were ahead of their time. Their drugstore set-ups had primitive (but cool for the time) push-pads where you described your skin’s condition and hue. Then it would tell you which makeup was right for you. One day, you’re telling a plastic display about your combination skin. The next, it’s gone, taking that sensitive info with it. And now Bran Bars. You just can’t count on anything anymore.

So that’s it then. There’s no other product that comes close to the dry, crumbling, mildly enjoyable taste of a Bran Bar. (Gee, Lisa, I can’t imagine why everyone wasn’t snapping them up by the case!) You just never know when your favourite thing will fall out of favour and get cast into oblivion. Now it’s Bran Bars. What’s next? Wow Butter? Lemon-pepper tuna? CAULIFLOWER?

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