Cable TV Blues

Next year, more Canadian homes will subscribe to streaming than cable TV. It’s no wonder. Despite some improvements in recent years – a la carte channel picking is one of them – it still feels like paying for cable gouges us more than necessary. And we’re always looking for a way out.

We intentionally went cable-free for about a month after we moved. Although we have Netflix, Amazon Prime and a Roku box, Derek missed the NFL and NASCAR. Yes, there’s an app for football but NASCAR hasn’t got a decent one yet.

Friends are raving about the Amazon Fire Stick. It sounds great. Supposedly you can stream anything from anywhere. With our Amazon Prime membership we can – apparently – get everything we want, no matter who owns it or streams it. Sounds too good to be true so we haven’t leapt.

Let’s be honest, cable sucks. For example, I want to watch the show, Barry. I set the DVR to record it but it wasn’t captured. Why? Because I accidentally chose one of the six-million channels that I don’t get. It’s a major, well-known channel, just not the version that’s in my area. So why does it even show up? That’s my beef. I seem to be chasing programming all over and not finding what I want. Maybe the stick is the answer but I simply can’t believe that there won’t be a way to jam it or ruin it. Please, tell me where I’m wrong. I want to be wrong!

All I know is, Bruce Springsteen was pretty close in 1992 with this song. Now, there are many more channels, something’s on, but I’ll be darned if I can find it.

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