An Eternity and The Blink of An Eye

Photo of my Dad smiling and wearing his trademark plaid short-sleeved shirt and suspenders

It’s two years today since my Dad died. Sometimes it feels like yesterday and other times I fear I’m already forgetting little things about him. No matter how old you are, losing a parent rocks your world. I’m just grateful to have had him in my life as long as I did.

Last week, as I walked past a greeting card display, my crazy brain thought – better get a card for Dad! His birthday is next month! Followed by a moment of deep sadness. It’s the way of the world, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

When I do get sad, all I have to do is remember that he didn’t take himself seriously and wouldn’t want me spending a minute in mourning. Life’s too short to be sad. That’s what he’d say. I’ve shared this before, my favourite picture of him. It’s from a time when he was creaky and weak, but not yet “failing”. I showed him the photo and said I’d put it on the Internet. He laughed. “Go ahead!” So, once again, I will.

close-up of my dad looking much older with a clump of his grey hair sticking straight up. He's smiling

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