Semi-Private Issue

bottle on its side with white pills spilling out of it

I don’t think this is a small town thing. But tell me whether you think someone could get away with it anywhere else.

We transferred our prescriptions to a pharmacy here in town. I chose it because it’s downtown and part of a reputable chain. Derek and I went in to get some renewals. We wandered around until they were filled, he paid for them and then had a one-on-one session with the pharmacist. As I waited, I poked through the bag and noticed my prescription wasn’t there.

I went back to the counter and asked for it.

“I only gave him his – you have to get yours“, was the explanation from the pharmacy assistant. “It’s a privacy issue.”

I smiled and said, “We came in together. We transferred it all together and ordered them while standing beside each other. I think we’re good!”

She shook her head. “Hey, I don’t know how long you two are going to be together. Best not to mix everything in right now.”

I looked at her, dumbfounded.

“What if you guys split up and I give him your medication?”

I believe my jaw hit the floor.


“Maybe I’m just bitter after my divorce.”

Ya think???

She rang in my prescription. I presented my Manulife debit card, the same as Derek had done with his. Not many people have a Manulife card so it’s memorable.

“Is that his card, too?”

I don’t know why I responded but I said, “it’s my card for our joint account.

“Joint account, eh? I would never have one of those.”

Oh yeah, she said that.

The pharmacist emerged and he had customers waiting so I didn’t say anything. Maybe it was a bad day. Perhaps the gatekeeper that prevents her from expressing every thought had the day off. If there is a next time, there will be a discussion with her boss. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it!

6 thoughts on “Semi-Private Issue”

  1. What? Even at my pharmacy I can answer all questions about what my husband takes etc. Good thing you checked the bag!

  2. Wow! Sounds like she needs a lesson in keeping her thoughts to herself. Did she just go through her “bitter divorce” yesterday?? I live in a small town (maybe not quite as small as Wallaceburg!) and I have never had a problem picking up my husband’s prescriptions and vice versa.

  3. Wonder what she would have done if she had to deal with one of my former perscriptions registered under “Ace the dog”” Can’t pick it up due to privacy and that I’m not the dog?

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